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Living Every Day Mediterranean

With Stephen’s Italian heritage, Olive Oils and Vinegars are a staple in his family and culture. As an enrichment educator and rehabilitation therapist, Suzanne knows the importance of a “Mediterranean Lifestyle” which includes extra virgin olive oils, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish and unrefined grains.

Coming from a health care field we know that healthy choices with the best ingredients are important for everyone and bringing the finest extra virgin olive oils to the world is our vision.

Together, after years of research we bring to you exceptional certified ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world.

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Aged Balsamic Vinegars

apple cider vinegarAged Balsamic Vinegar is from the ‘grape must’ of the Trebbiano Grape cooked down in copper kettles, aged in a series of progressively smaller wooden barrels.

Our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is aged up to 18 years it is a sweet, syrupy, rich condiment with only 1% – 4% Italian Red Wine Vinegar used as a probiotic agent in the aging process. Balsamic vinegar contains no balsam. The word balsamicos (Latin – balsamum) “balsam – like” refers to “restorative” or “curative”.

No refined sugars or synthetic chemical flavorings are added to our vinegars.

There are many exciting creations to experience with our truly exceptional aged balsamic vinegars. Drizzle on cheese, over grilled fish or meat, roasted vegetables, in your shrub drinks, or cocktails, with your salads and even over ice cream.

We carry an exceptional selection of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, called Switchel and Cider Reduction Syrup. Create many exciting culinary delights with these vinegars. Learn more at Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars.

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Olive Oils, Vinegars, & More Ultra Premium, From Around The World
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Testimonials What Our Fantastic Customers Are Saying!

"We just had a cup of your Whole Harmony Sleepy Tea. It was delicious! Really, I have had several of those teas that say they are for sleep and they don't taste very good and leave a bitter aftertaste. This was such a pleasure to drink..It is flavorful, yet light and smooth with no bitterness or aftertaste! And I am feeling relaxed.
I also want to tell you that I have been using your Skin Essential Olive Oil for cleansing my face, morning and night. I use it just like you said, with the warm washcloth and letting it absorb with the steam. It has such a nice smell, and my skin feels great afterwards. It isn't dried out the way the cleansers usually make my skin feel. And it does get all of the make-up off! Pretty amazing stuff!
I can tell you have put a lot of time and thought into what you offer, really, and it does show. I can tell that it is high quality, and I trust what you say is in it. I was saying this to Matt tonight - everything I have tried, from the olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, tea, essential face oil - has been a treat. So I may sound like an advertisement, but I think you guys are doing excellent work and I do appreciate that you are not just about selling products, but that you care."

New Hampshire