Month: January 2016

A Very Green Healthy Smoothie

green-smoothie 2

Avocado 1/2 pitted and shelled (I use one avocado, pitted & shelled I fill 2 large mason jars for the day)

Greens, kale and spinach, washed and preferably organic – Large handful

Fresh Pineapple, not canned, about 1 cup +

Cold Fresh Water about 2 cups +  (or Cold unflavored Coconut Water)

Lemon, 1/2 squeezed

1 peeled orange, seedless

2 TB. UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil with polyphenols over 400ppm (I used our Favalosa UP EVOO)

Blend on HIGH until smooth. Enjoy

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, vitamin C, good fats and delicious!

Super Salad

Super Salad    Super Salad!

A lot of healthy Greens (baby kale, spinach & arugula)

Shredded purple cabbage

Organic fresh edamame (steamed and cooled)

Fresh Raspberries

Scallions, thinly sliced

Nuts (pepitas, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts)

Option: add unsweetened dried cranberries

I used our California Organic Arbequina UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Black Mission Fig with a dash of Makai Sea Salt.

Use your favorite extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and create!

Absolutely delicious and healthy!



Ultra Premium Chemistry – Certified – Traceable – Strict Limits

UP Chemistry 2015

Ultra Premium (UP) Chemistry
Objective, verifiable chemical standards form the foundation of the UP grade. Chemical analysis of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has proven to be a fundamental indicator of sensory quality, predictor of perishability, and authenticity of olive oils. UP is the highest quality standard in the world because it utilizes the broadest array of available tests and enforces the strictest limits on all chemical standards.
Chemical Parameters Determination Indicators Extra Virgin Standard UP Standard
6.1 Free Fatty Acids (FFA) Free Fatty Acids are formed due to breakdown of the triacylglycerols in oils during extraction. Fatty acids are “free” when the are no longer bound to any other molecules. An elevated level of FFA can indicate poor quality or mishandled fruit, too much time between harvesting and extraction, poor storage and/or high temperature during extraction. Units: % as oleic acid
IOC limit ≤ 0.8 Units: % as oleic acid
UP limit ≤ 0.3
6.2 Oleic Acid The major fatty acid in olive oil triacylglycerols is Oleic acid making up 55 to 85% of olive oil The higher the oleic acid monounsaturated fat content translates to increased durability and shelf-life. Units: % as oleic acid
IOC limit ≥55 Units: % as oleic acid
UP limit ≥ 65
6.3 Peroxide Value Peroxides are primary oxidation products that are formed when oils are exposed to oxygen causing defective flavors and odors Primary measurement of rancidity in oil. Higher peroxide levels indicate oxidized and/or poor quality oil & give an idea of the freshness & storage conditions. Units: mEQ O2/kg oil
IOC limit≤20 Units: mEQ O2/kg oil
UP limit ≤9
6.4 UV Absorption UV spectrophotometric determination Secondary measurement of rancidity in oil. Elevated levels of UV absorption indicate oxidized and/or poor quality oil, possible refining and/or adulteration with refined oil. Secondary measurement of rancidity in oil. Elevated levels of UV absorption indicate oxidized and/or poor quality oil, possible refining and/or adulteration with refined oil. Units: K1%/1cm
IOC limits
K232 ≤2.5, K270≤0.22, DeltaK≤0.01 Units: K1%/1cm
UP limits K232 ≤2.0, K270 ≤0.20, DeltaK ≤0.01
(immediately after production)
6.5 Phenolic Content (Polyphenols) Phenols are healthful anti-oxidant substances in olive oil which aid in slowing down the natural oxidative processes. Phenolic content decreases over time and is an indicator of freshness, with higher amounts improving shelf-life and oxidative stability. N/A Units: (as ppm caffeic acid)
UP minimum limit ≥ 130
6.6 DAGs Fresh olive oil has a much higher proportion of 1,2-diacylglycerols to Total diacylglycerols while olive oil extracted from poor quality fruits and refined oils have a higher level of 1,3-diacylglycerols The ratio of 1,2-diacylglycerols to the Total diacylglycerols are a useful indicator of fruit quality and acts as a snapshot of olive oil freshness. Low values can also indicate oxidized oil & sensory defects. Units: %Total 1,2-diacylglycerols
AOA limit≥35 Units: %Total 1,2-diacylglycerols
UP limit ≥*90
(immediately after production)
6.7 PPP Upon thermal degradation of olive oil, chlorophyll pigments break down to pheophytins and then to pyropheophytins The ratio of pyropheophytins to the total pheophytins is useful for distinguishing fresh olive oil from soft column refined, deodorized, or backblended oils. Units: %Total Pheophytins
AOA limit≤17 Units: %Total Pheophytins
UP limit ≤5
(immediately after production)
*IOC= International Olive Council, AOA= Australian Olive Association

Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars carry only certified Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. All of our Fused (Agrumato) and Infused Olive Oils foundation are UP Extra Virgin Olive Oils, no refined, synthetic or old olive oil blends are used in them.

Our Famous Truffle Recipe Released

Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars Truffle Recipe


11.5-ounce bag of dark chocolate chips (65% – 70% sweetened) – I used 100% unsweetened cacao chips

1 can, 11 ounces, organic sweetened condensed coconut milk

3 TB. 100% Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened (Not Dutch Processed)

2 Tablespoons, Capizzano’s UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Limonata Fused EVOO

5 Tablespoons Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars – Raspberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar


  1. Heat on low in a non-reactive pan combine chocolate chips and sweetened condensed coconut milk – stir constantly do not allow to burn or stick to pan. Mix until smooth, remove from heat.
  2. Add UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Raspberry balsamic vinegar and dry cocoa powder; stir gently until smooth and mixed completely. Texture – look for peaks not soupy. Add a bit more dry cocoa powder if still soupy.
  3. Prepare 8 x 8 pan, grease bottom of pan (so paper sticks to pan) line with parchment paper or wax paper. Extend the edges of paper over the sides of the pan. Pour mixture on top of the paper in pan cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. When firm and moldable, scoop out a small portion with a teaspoon and shape into balls the size of a cherry. Or cut in small squares. Or if you have candy molds use them!
  4. Place truffles in small candy cups on serving plate. Keep cold until serving. Makes about 40 Truffles.  Stores in refrigerator for 1 – 2 weeks covered.

Options:  Drizzle our Signature Blend Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic over the Truffle and raspberry serve on a white plate. Bellisimo!

Options:  Roll truffles in Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars – Dawn Spice!

Variations: Butter Olive Oil. Butternut Squash Seed Oil, Limonata Green or Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil

S Capizzano 860-495-2187


Capizzano’s Hearty Healthy Soup

Hearty Soup

Capizzano’s Hearty Healthy Soup

4 Shallots, sliced
1 bunch Celery, sliced
Carrots multi color organic, sliced thick, 1 heaping cup
Garbanzo beans organic, drain and rinse, 1can
Edamame organic frozen, 1/2 cup
Chicken or Vegetable broth unsalted organic, 1 box
Capizzano’s Pomodoro d Basilico small jar or crushed tomatoes seasoned
Baby kale and spinach and/or swiss chard, rinsed, large handful
Herbs our Local Spicery Italian Herbs or Garden Gems 1 TB.

Capizzano’s Tuscan Herb Infused extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
Sprinkle of Makai Celtic Sea Salt to taste

How to: Drizzle 4 TB of our Favalosa UP extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) add shallots and sauté on medium heat until transparent. Add broth, celery, and carrots let it come to a boil for a few minutes. Turn heat to medium low, add beans (garbanzo & edamame), tomato sauce, and Herbs; simmer covered for 5 minutes. Add kale, spinach, and or Swiss chard at the end, turn heat off.
Serve immediately drizzle with our Tuscan Herb Infused EVOO on top of the soup with a sprinkle of Makai Sea Salt and enjoy.

Bold words are products in our store and online; excluding the tomato sauce.

Winter Salad Event Recipe


Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars

Winter Salad

We present color, texture, aroma, flavor with healthy choices! This winter salad if full of good things! Our combination Butternut Squash Seed oil and Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic is perfect for this salad. Our wine selection is Chateau de La Chaize Brouilly. The Balsamic spritzer is with Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic. Per La Salute!

Winter Salad: 2 lbs. winter squash, seeds removed, cut into wedges (I used butternut squash),

UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cobrancosa, Crush Date: November 2015) to brush or drizzle on the squash

Organic baby spinach (5 – 6 cups) or baby kale & spinach Italia Blend by Earthbound Organics

1 – 2 small Shallots, finely sliced

Makai Celtic Deep Sea Salt & organic Pepper

½ cup walnuts, roughly chopped

Optional: Use Pomegranate seeds to garnish (readymade cup by Pomegranate)

Butternut Squash Seed Oil & Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic Vinegar

Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line baking dish with aluminum foil – Brush squash wedges with Cobrancosa UP extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with Makai Salt & fresh ground pepper – roast for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, whisk together Butternut Squash Seed oil & Gravenstein Apple white balsamic. Put walnuts into pan on medium low until fragrant and golden brown. Remove from heat – cool. When squash is tender and cool enough to handle cut into 1 inch cubes. Put greens on plate arrange squash, walnuts and finely sliced shallots on top of greens.

Pour Butternut Squash Seed Oil and Gravenstein Apple balsamic vinegar mixture on top of salad add a sprinkling of Makai salt.

Options: Our Fennel Fused EVOO and Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic is scrumptious too! Bold words highlighted are our products.

“Olive Oil As Medicine – Effects on Lipids & Lipoproteins”

Sicily 868olive water drop

“Higher phenolic levels can provide more health benefits than an extra virgin olive oil with low phenol content.”

(Mary Flynn PhD, RD, LDN & Selina Wang PhD, March 2015 Report, UC Davis Olive Center)

See Report link:

Looking for an fresh seasonal extra virgin olive oil starts with the crush date, knowing how healthy the olives were at the time of crushing, the polyphenol levels (anti-inflammatory benefits) and how they are stored are important to know when choosing wisely.

We educate everyone who wants to learn about what makes extra virgin olive oil – extra virgin and the health benefits.

The 95.9 Company Break with WCRI Classical Radio


This week The 95.9 Company Break takes a look at Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegar’s in Pawcatuck, CT. We talk to owners Stephen & Suzanne who have a mission to bring the freshest, finest and healthiest selection of certified Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar’s to you, from around the globe. Our vision is to bring the art and science of extra virgin olive oil to life by enlightening our taste buds and mind. We value your taste for excellence.

Visit them on the magical street called Coggswell Street, Suite 1, Pawcatuck, CT 06379, or visit their website CLICK HERE or call (860) 495-2187