Month: March 2016

Oatmeal and Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Absolutely!

oatmeal with evoo Steel cut Oatmeal with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oatmeal with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Steel cut oatmeal prepare as directed

Drizzle Capizzano’s Persian Lime Infused or Blood Orange Fused extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on top.

Add a drizzle of your favorite local honey or Maple syrup on top.

Nuts or fruit are great ideas for a variety of flavors and textures also.

My favorite, is oatmeal with Blood Orange Fused EVOO, a little Maple Syrup, sliced almonds, and a drizzle or organic Almond Milk (without carrageenan).

Other options is cooked Cream of Wheat with a drizzle of Persian Lime Infused EVOO, a little Maple Syrup and a Almond Milk. Be inspired to create!

The olive oil and maple syrup without the almond milk is wonderful also. You are getting your good fats, fiber and protein while keeping the sugars low; a healthy and flavor filled breakfast alternative.